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Moving Out of Fear

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Why are things happening this way now? What can you do to empower yourself and move through Fear?

People are screaming in their hearts, and out loud, “How Can This Be???!!!” How this can be is that we, as a species, inhabit two worlds simultaneously. One of fear fueled rage, and one of compassion driven love. How this can be is that somewhere along the way we ALL got complacent. Somewhere, somehow, we separated from Spirit, and from each other. We are mortified, terrified, grief-stricken, sickened, stunned, paralyzed, angered, disenfranchised, alienated, separated, numb. Many are the walking wounded from previous disasters and events over the past two decades, and the hits keep coming. Personal losses of property, pets, dear ones. Global losses of lives, cultures, land, resources. National losses of reality, decency, and what we held precious in our systems and our organizations. Fear. We hear so much online, in the news media, and in conversations across the table that we must accept things. We must “get past our fear”, as if that were an easy thing to do like opening a door, or talking on the phone. How do you “get past” something so vast? So all encompassing? When the road map was incinerated along with the vehicle? When EVERY time we turn on the news, share on social media, or walk past a conversation on the street we are faced with another traumatic event propelling us into an uncontrollable spiral of despair and disempowerment. We’ve collectively given ourselves permission to bring our entire planet to the brink of destruction. Whether you are a fundamentalist Christian who feels this is all ours to burn up because the Rapture is near and this earth is really our living Hell, or you are an Earth Keeper protecting and seeing Spirit in all, or anything in between, we have ALL created where we are in this moment. Yes, you and I ARE co-creators of the problem here, regardless where we sit in our beliefs and values. Minds won’t be changed on either side, in fact, actions and behaviors will begin to escalate on all sides creating even more friction, more fear, more anger, more separation. But fear leaves us with no options. This is a time of sitting in your fear, recognizing it for what it is, honoring it, then moving past it into your personal power, your personal directives that come from Source. For those whose hearts and minds propel them into action to keep our species from imploding, along with thousands of other living beings on this planet, take heed. Now is the time to show up. Fully. Show up as your total Spiritual Self. Now is the time to show up. Show up and quit hiding in the shadows of doubt, and lack of self-trust. Now is the time to show up. Show up with a full and open heart, deep compassion, and a clear ability to stand in your Center. Now is the time to show up. Show up and set aside ALL internally and externally imposed denial of your true innate personal and spiritual power. Now is the time to show up. Show up in your pure Spiritual practice made ordinary and extraordinary. This message comes across to me now loud and clear all day and into my dream state. It is a mantra. It is a call to action. It is what is critically necessary NOW. Have you received your marching orders yet? If not, you will. Be still and listen. Listen with your whole body. All the teaching, training, experiences, trauma, lessons, running, hiding, pretending, longing, procrastinating, distracting, healing, awareness, avoidance, allowance - all of it - is now synthesized into this moment now. Story after story is pouring in from all over of a similar vision. A vision of healing the Masculine, and recognizing that the Feminine is rising NOW. Gaia, Mother Earth, Women, Men, our Youth and Children, we are rising up NOW in response not just to the US election results and the assault on our precious waters and sacred lands, but to so many affronts locally and globally. We have been maturing into this time, this moment, this hour for decades. Many are referencing the quote “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”, and this couldn’t be more true. What can you do? How can you “show up” when you haven’t stopped throwing up? For my Shamanic students, do you remember ‘The Protocol’ that I taught you? Now is the time to use it. To go deep into your own psyche. To magnetize your inner Shaman and embrace the teachings you receive from your deep inner guidance. For my Reiki students, now is the time to utilize your daily practice again. Infuse yourselves with universal Love and compassion daily, and hold close to your personal Reiki Mantras. Once you begin to hear your next call to action, then you must take that step literally. If you are called to paint, then paint. If you are called to prayer, then pray. If you are called to lead, then lead. If you are called to work with the land you live on, then do that. Whatever it is that you are being notified is your specific task, then do that. The key is self-trust combined with right action. Trust your inner guidance now like you have never trusted it before AND take right action, listening constantly for that deep inner wisdom you possess. You are not helpless. Now is not the time to go to ground. Now is also not the time to continue into a paralyzing downward spiral of fear. Stay in your center. Like the Buddha in the middle of the massive city. Keep your gaze soft and your mind quiet while the world around you moves in chaos. You can be in the center of chaos, yet not be of the chaos. Breathe. Know that this is the time we have all been preparing for. Breathe into your compassionate loving core. Stay in your center. Contact Member: Empowering Alchemy LLC Taos, New Mexico Taos, NM 87571 United States Credits:

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