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The Ancestors are Callling

Waking to a brilliant ocher sky at dawn this morning I was immediately struck by the shear power of the Apu of our local sacred mountains, and the divinity of the sky beings.

It's late October in northern New Mexico, a time when the veils are the thinnest are upon us, and our ancestors reach through to teach, heal, and communicate with us.

The Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos, All Saints Day, Samhain, All Hallows Eve.

If you sit quietly you will hear your ancestors calling you. Feel them surrounding you, embracing you in love, support and wisdom. Hear them whisper in your ear their rich teachings of your lineage.

Ancestors don't have to be blood relations, as we create our ancestral lineages through our friendships, our teachers and students, our living relationships, our organization and group connections, and our various 'callings' such as to a location or an avocation.

Our ancestors are walking with us every day, but at this time of the year they are especially close.

Being present, grounded in your body, open to receive, welcoming and willing to ask for guidance and connections with our ancestors will bring gifts beyond what you could even imagine.

Take time this last weekend in October and first day of November to welcome your ancestral wisdom into your heart, body, mind and soul. Create an alter that honors those who have preceded you in flesh. Celebrate their lives, their works, their loves, their passions, their failures and losses. Bring in fresh flowers, herbs, photos, mementos, and favorite foods or beverages to set your alter of love and remembrance.

Remember, it's time to 'feed' our beloved ancestors, so remember water, milk, or honey. Tobacco and/or cornmeal is a powerful gift to lay on the alter, and 'calling in' herbs like sweetgrass or Palo Santo which welcome our ancestors to the alter with love and compassion are highly desirable.

All it takes is quieting your mind, laying your intention, and creating space both within, and without to welcome the wisdom without judgement or self doubt.

'Feed' your ancestors during this time and you will also feed your own soul.

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