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Resonance Works

The Power of Sound

Sound has the power to heal and transform us and the world around us, it is invisible but carries an incredible force that can move physical objects, and yet can also travel through them.

We each have our own symphony. With resonance, harmonics, and frequency elevation, we access more of our brain and move beyond awareness, tapping into multi-dimensionality. Sound permeates everything, every cell, atom, and molecule of our world.  It is liquid light for our bodies, minds, and souls.

The healing nature of sound is an ancient wisdom and has been used in cultures all over the planet throughout human history. Healthy systems, whether in the human body, or in vast forests and oceans, thrive in dynamic concerts of sound and resonance.  Systemic dysfunction, and ultimately death, occurs when sound, frequencies, and resonance are degraded.

Robyn works with Sound as Medicine integrating the unique symmetry of ancient Tibetan, Himalayan and Cantonese 7-metal singing bowls, Native Style flutes, Drums, Rattles, and voice to activate the inner healing wisdom of the body. Instruments of Sound assist individuals in Re-membering the Soul Home with healing Sound Wisdom, re-aligning cellular memory with the individual's innate inner healing wisdom.

  • One and a Half Hour Sound Healing Immersion

    135 US dollars

Work with Robyn

Sound is a physical experience and it loosens and moves both the matter and the energy within us, it catalyzes transformation.

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