Guided Re-membering

Robyn O'Boyle   |   Empowering Alchemy


Why are we here?

We are all one but have forgotten that. As spiritual beings in human form, we are split off into physical bodies and so have the illusion of separateness. The experiences we have on the physical plane are meant to transform us and assist us in evolving. Healing is a personal journey. It is not linear, but infused with twists and turns none of us could expect.

Re-membering our unique inner soul journey is why we are here, living this 3D life. Re-member that you are not alone on this journey. You have an amazing inner guidance system that supports you every day. Robyn offers empowering support and wellness activation through Shamanic Soul Recovery work, Subtle Body Energetic Healing, Advanced Intuitive Bodywork, and Channelled Guidance Wisdom.


Can you feel it?

The power of resonance. Sound moves within us, through us, and it has the power to heal.


Intention and Sensation

You can create the experience of the life you desire when you feel your way into it.



For those seeking information and context


Water Works

Through the impressionable nature of water incredible healing and change is possible.